Financial Leveraging For Your Project Financing

Everyone knows that Project Financing is harder today than it may have ever been. Most people want to rebuild the economy, get people back to work, help the environment, and make some money while they are at it for their families.

A little understood method for accomplishing this is offered by some firms is using Financial Leveraging for such purposes. The strict regulations on solicitation and releasing confidential information about these programs can seriously hamper the availability of this method…but that does not mean that it will not work.

As with anything, there is much misinformation floating around the internet about the illusive “Platform Financing” which many people have heard about, but very few have had the privilege of seeing it actually produce results.

Project Finance Firms do exist that have seen success with these programs and these are the people to speak with. You will not be able to actually speak with the Traders involved in the program. There will be a Fund Manager at the head of the operation that will deal with the Traders on your behalf. Be sure the person at the head of the Trade has experience and has the qualifications as well as the credentials to be able to manage such an operation.

There are more regulations, restrictions and compliance requirements every day. This is not something that someone straight out of University will be privy to. These Programs are only made available to certain qualified individuals by invitation only, not the general public due to these requirements.

You will be required to escrow funds which will be used for the program and will be locked in for the Program Term. The funds will be safe, assuming you are dealing with qualified individuals. Most importantly, these firms cannot and will not solicit your business. There will be documentation that you will need to endorse stating that you were not solicited, this is part of the regulations. These program will not be advertised either.

So how do you find these firms if they do not advertise and they do not solicit your business? This is your task to search out these firms if you have liquid funds that can be held in reserve for the period of the funding for your business. Typically you will need to deposit a minimum of $2M in order to get into such a program. Project Funding size is normally $50M and up.

Wade Henderson

Wade Henderson is a recognized Expert in Business Finance with over 15 years Experience in the Commercial Lending Field and a strong reputation for getting the deal done. Visit his Commercial Finance Website to put his experience to work for you.

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