Project Financing For 2010

Is your search for project financing not very positive? There are options that you may not have considered. Today, banks are generally the worst place to be successful in finding the funding necessary to develop your project, whether you are in North America, South America, The European Union, Asia, Australia or anywhere in between.

So what is the answer? Quite simply stated Private Equity Financing. That being said, there are many private equity firms that cannot perform worldwide, despite their claims. You need to protect yourself from these firms who will do nothing but waste your time and at the end; you do not get the funding you need.

There exists Project Financing with Private Equity Firms that can perform and can supply the references to prove their performance. These references are protected and will be revealed only to Client Attorneys under the strictest of privacy protection to protect the Private Equity Firm investors, but they will be revealed as necessary.

What are the Best Project Financing Options Available?

What is the most desirable program available today? Project Financing where there is NO DEBT SERVICING. Yes that is right, NO DEBT SERVICING.

How is this done? To put it short, the funding is done by the Private Investment Firm and the Project Management committing to the Private Equity Firm that the Project Management will pay a percentage of net profits to the Private Equity Firm (typically thirty percent). In exchange for this, the Project Equity Firm will grant the Project Financing for your Project for the entire project costs.

The term for this Profit Sharing Plan will range from three years up to ten years, depending on the Project.

Requirements of Private Equity Project Financing

Strict guidelines for Qualified Projects that meet the following criteria:

Asset-worthy, financially and economically viable
Has capable management
Is of a worthwhile value
MUST have 1 percent to.25% available for a Good Faith Deposit that will be held in a professionally managed escrow account and the funds that are held on escrow will remain in the escrow account and not leave the account.

The Program will consider projects submitted for a funding minimum of $20 million and a maximum of $5 billion. The Private Investment Firm, functions as the investor for 100% of the project cost, plus all associated fees.

In exchange for funding 100% of the Project, the Private Investment Firm receives a 30% share in the Project net profits until they are bought out by the holder of the owners the company. There is NO DEBT SERVICING and this is NOT A JOINT VENTURE.

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